Roland Mesnier Dies at 78, Biography and More

Roland Mesnier is an American Chef

Roland Mesnier was born on July 8, 1944

and died on August 26, 2022 at age 78

When he was fourteen, his mother secured an apprenticeship for him at a pastry shop in Besançon,

where he worked from 6am to 8pm six days a week, and in exchange received 300 francs a month,

plus room and board, in addition to cooking lessons.

While there, he was also exposed to puff pastry and chocolate molding, which laid the groundwork for his future specialties.

Mesnier’s creations during his twenty-five years as Executive Pastry Chef (1979–2004)

at the White House earned him the reputation of a creative genius.

Roland Mesnier Net Worth $1.6 Million Approx